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manifest for kolla(or gongysh)/centos-source-memcached:6.2.4 not found

asked 2020-04-27 02:46:20 -0500

Anshul Sehgal gravatar image


I have followed instructions on ( ( and able to setup tacker with stable/pike.

When I am trying to setup stable/queens, the deploy process failed at Handler "Restart memcached container" pulling the very first image which is centos-source-memcached:6.2.4.

I have checked that there is no such image on docker hub.

Is there any change that we need to do before deploy. Is there any different guide for stable/queens.

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answered 2020-04-27 03:28:57 -0500

Anshul Sehgal gravatar image


Got solution.

We have to mention openstack_release: "queens" in globals.conf.

I thought that cloning stable/queens repo should have all suitable changes.

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Asked: 2020-04-27 02:46:20 -0500

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