During DVR integration created 1 dvr router and compute node i am not getting any output of ip netns

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During DVR integration ,compute node i am not getting any output of ip netns, i have created 1 DVR (router2) and selfservice2 network, Before DVR configuration i have 1 router(router) and 1 provider network and 1 selfservice network. please confirm if any other configuration required. in http://openstack.org page of DVR one of the step mentioned is Verify network operation to check ip netns ,On each compute node, verify creation of a second qdhcp namespace.

Router2 showing hosting on only controller and not on compute. logs :-

root@compute0:/home/user# ip netns     

root@controller3:/home/user# ip netns snat-1a97ab5b-6456-4089-9380-b1b6d35daf09 (id: 6) fip-7e7f6a3f-21ae-4ca1-8fe7-338ba1ce65bb (id: 5) qrouter-1a97ab5b-6456-4089-9380-b1b6d35daf09 (id: 4) qdhcp-38bec638-4b9b-4e71-9c9e-0f473a7f6da3 (id: 1) qdhcp-b889704e-b7af-4439-8b04-e202f4b3d05d (id: 3) qrouter-2b6bdb6d-31b2-4f01-ac9b-59e284227a32 (id: 2) qdhcp-7e7f6a3f-21ae-4ca1-8fe7-338ba1ce65bb (id: 0)

root@controller3:/home/user# neutron l3-agent-list-hosting-router router2
neutron CLI is deprecated and will be removed in the future. Use openstack CLI instead.
| id                                   | host        | admin_state_up | alive | ha_state |
| e1f0e558-5938-4ba2-a372-5661ab103085 | controller3 | True           | :-)   |          |

On http://openstack.org page ip netns command on compute node showing qdhcp.

# ip netns
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Please format code so that it becomes readable.

Remark: Without a port, there won't be a router namespace. A port on a network that is connected to the router must be created on the compute node first.

Question: How did you enable DVR? I doubt Neutron config can be changed on the fly.

Bernd Bausch gravatar imageBernd Bausch ( 2020-04-16 01:04:27 -0500 )edit