How to properly concatenate all the segment objects through direct api

asked 2020-04-08 05:56:17 -0500

Drn gravatar image

I am working on uploading large objects using direct api. I divide my object into segments and upload it one by one to the rest api. Once done, I wish to concatenates all the segments to become 1 file. My scenario, I uploaded the following segments:

File1.txt File2.txt File3.txt File4.txt

Then to concatenate them I add the header below, Test is my container and File is my prefix


The response is successful, the File.txt(combined) is created in UI but the size is 0 byte and the download button does not appear in UI, only the Edit button. Clicking the Edti button, and View Details, the size of the file is sam as the total size of all segments. How can I successfully concatenate the seegments to become 1 file as shown in UI with correct size and the dowload button available? Also, will the segments be automatically deleted once done concatenating the segments successfully? Appreciate your help. Thanks

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