Designate dns records are not unique inside the default zone

asked 2020-03-20 11:27:49 -0600

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iam currently struggling with the following scenarion:

If the same instance names are used in two different projects, the new instance overwrites the DNS record of the old instance.

The reason for this is the default format inside the designate.conf:

formatv4 = %(hostname)s.%(zone)s

To prevent this I have currently built a workaround which appends the project ID.

formatv4 = %(hostname)s.%(tenant_id)s.%(zone)s

The problem is that the DNS record name becomes very long. Is it possible to add a shorter identifier or region name for example ?

In the following example correspondence there is a reseveration_id is this one uniqe ? (

openstack version: stein

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