Trying to change user credentials using REST API but the response is 404 not found?

asked 2014-02-28 09:25:21 -0500

Dimitar Gangov gravatar image

updated 2014-03-04 03:04:08 -0500

Hi all, i have a problem with changing the user credentials through REST API. My request is:

POST http://{myhost}:{adminPort}/v2.0/users/{userId}/OS-KSADM/credentials
Content-type : application/json
Accept: application/json
X-Auth-Token: {adminAtuhenticatedToken}
    "passwordCredentials": {
        "username": "testUser",
        "password": "pass1234"

and like I said above the response is 404 not found. I've already check the API documentation, but all I found is the above REST call. I must miss or just don't understand something.

My Openstack is installed using the following guide:

and it is up and running. All other REST API calls works fine. Also I check the extension OS-KSADM and it is install in my openstack.

There is another problem with user creation. When I create user through REST API, I set the field "OS-KSADM:password:" but after successfull creation I add the same user to some tenant successfully but after that I can not login to Openstack dashboard with those credentials.When I change user password through dashboard, everything is fine.

So is there some extra configuration that I must make to enable this call or it is a API bug. Any help will be wellcomed.

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