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I am implementing a dual stack deployment in my openstack deployment. Followed the documentation can't seem to get it. I also didn't seem to find any good explanations outside of the documentation on what steps to take.

Current deployment has ip4 working without issue but ip6 seems to fail.

openstack subnet pool create --share --pool-prefix xxx/56 --default-prefix-length 64 --min-prefix-length 64 --max-prefix-length 64 subnet-pool-ip6-1
openstack subnet create --subnet-pool subnet-pool-ip6-1 --ip-version 6 --ipv6-ra-mode slaac --ipv6-address-mode slaac --network ipv6-pd ipv6-pd

dibbler-server was installed on the neutron server as described in the documentation with the following config:

script "/var/lib/dibbler/pd-server.sh"
# Logging level range: 1(Emergency)-8(Debug)
log-level 8

# Don't log full date
log-mode short

# Uncomment this line to call script every time a response is sent
#script "/var/lib/dibbler/server-notify.sh"

    # set preference of this server to 0 (higher = more prefered)
    preference 0

iface br-provider {
  pd-pool xxx/56
  pd-length 64
 // also ranges can be defines, instead of exact values
 t1 1800-2000
 t2 2700-3000
 prefered-lifetime 3600
 valid-lifetime 7200

The upstream router is set with a static ip address.

The router namespace on the neutron server is able to ping the virtual router ipv6 port and the ipv6 address of the upstream router but the upstream router is unable to ping the port on the virtual router. Ensured that icmp is allowed in the security group.

Seems like this maybe a routing issue. Please let me know if more information is needed or if there are any references out there that would be helpful.

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