Running multiple manila-share instances?

asked 2020-02-15 07:39:26 -0600

Fenuks gravatar image

According to manual, with driver_handles_share_servers=false shares are created on actual node that runs manila-share service using the driver that was selected.

In case of LVM driver (manila.share.drivers.lvm.LVMShareDriver), those shares are created in local LVM VG and then shared, eg. using NFS from IP set in lvm_share_export_ips in manila.conf. Said IP should be manually assigned to node running manila-share, as far as I can understand, there is no load-balancing.

What should I do to run several manila-share nodes? Recent change from lvm_share_export_ip to lvm_share_export_ips (plural) hints that it can contain more then 1 IP, but there's nothing about it in the documentation.
If multiple IPs can be specified, how will shares be created? Round-robin or fill one then swith to the other?
How will it match IPs from this parameter with actual IP of node?

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