Packstack Stein OVN instances can't resolve its hostnmae

asked 2020-02-10 08:52:42 -0600


i deployed a AIO Openstack Stein using packstack with OVN in my homelab. Now I started playing with heat and I noticed that all my instances are not able to resolve their own hostname. I thought there must be some internal dns running for this but it seems that is not the case. The private network used for the isntances is using my internet router for DNS. Of course this device can't create DNS records for domain novalocal. All instances have the same hostname as the vm name but they can't resolve their hostnames.

[centos@centos7 ~]$ hostname centos7.novalocal [centos@centos7 ~]$ nslookup centos7.novalocal Server: Address:

** server can't find centos7.novalocal: NXDOMAIN

I checked various hwotos but can't figure out how to solve this. Do I need Designate?

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