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nova-api hangs havana ubuntu 13.10

asked 2014-02-27 21:07:42 -0500

hisham gravatar image

Hi All,

I've built an openstack deployment using ubuntu 13.10 and havana. I have everything working.

randomly after a certain time of inactivity, nova-api stops responding.

The service is still up, and the process is still active, but the logs are empty and any attempt using the nova client timeout.

A simple restart of the service fixes it, but eventually it happens again.

I've enabled debugging but when it stops responding no log entries are written. All the other nova services still appear to work while this is going.

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The nova-api freeze is certainly worrying! I would suggest to debug it referring [this]( to get a better picture of what going on!

unmesh-gurjar gravatar imageunmesh-gurjar ( 2014-02-28 00:25:18 -0500 )edit

Ill give that a go after the weekend, but so far I think Im onto something. It seems like it might have something to do with creating an instance using the vmware vcdriver on a newly created image. The image needs to be uploaded to the datastore and when doing two creations at a time, it seems to hang. The process though is still going and all other services respond, and the vmdk file is growing despite the hung nova-api.

hisham gravatar imagehisham ( 2014-02-28 03:05:24 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-03-02 17:16:26 -0500

hisham gravatar image

I found the issue, it was I thought. When I deploy two instances from newly uploaded images using the VCDriver (they are in glance but a base is not yet on the datastore). the process takes a very long time (unsure why I previously asked about this and got no response) usually going at 2mb/s. The nova-api stops responding while every other service is still going. When the process is finished and the base copies are done, everything starts working again. Anything after that is fine as the base copy is already uploaded from glance, and I can launch as many instances I want from those images without nova-api hanging.

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