Bad Archive Mirror Ubuntu Mini Instance Creation

asked 2020-02-07 00:41:57 -0600

Chiara S gravatar image

Hello, I installed Openstack with devstack and wanted to try creating an instance with Ubuntu 18.04 Mini iso. The configuration of my Openstack network are the following: there is one public and one private network (as standard configured from devstack) and I added a router to connect the two, to which I added a gateway. The vm is on the Public network.

When I proceed to create the instance, I load the iso, and everything up to network configuration works fine (so I suppose there is a connection from the vm?). However, when it comes to selecting a Archive mirror, nothing is working and gives a "Bad Archive Mirror" error message. I tried different ones in order to see if it was the mirror I selected, but nothing.

I posted the question because even if some other people had the same problem nothing worked. Any help is appreciated.

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