Pfsense as a router instead a default router

asked 2020-01-31 08:59:09 -0600

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Hi Everyone,

 I want to set a pfsense as a default router to connect to the public_network instead to use a common router, but when I deploy a VM in the private_network for any reason does not received the IP address from pfsense. The second scenario is when I use a router and a pfsense at the same time, in this case de VM deploy automatically with the IP address received (I assume that the router delivery this), so I want not use both resources (router and a pfsense) only pfsense.

My ideal scenario   public_network ------ pfsense --------- private_network -------- VM1

The real scenario public_network ------- <pfsense> and <router> --------- private_network ------------ VM1

Best Regards,

Nestor Ali Loyo

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