Simulating openstack server crash

asked 2020-01-23 10:08:53 -0600

We need to simulate a Server crash to test the resilience of our software.

The Server will be hosting Linux which will running our software and we need to test the resilience/recovery of our software . This part of a certification process for NHS Digital.

Could you please let me know how we can do this? I found the command 'opestack server suspend' but not sure if that's like a Server crash.

On VSphere VM's we can use a command: vsish -e set /reliability/crashMe/Panic 1

Any help appreciated

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answered 2020-01-23 15:37:14 -0600

You could just stop it with openstack server stop. There is also openstack server dump create.

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Asked: 2020-01-23 10:08:53 -0600

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