Monasca metrics definition

asked 2020-01-18 05:50:47 -0500

Chiara S gravatar image

Hello, I'd like to know a couple of things regarding monasca.

1) Monasca metrics have always to be defined from the CLI manually or there are libraries from where I can import them (and eventually I can do so)?

2) There's very little documentation regarding how to define a metric, so any help is appreciated. For example, this is the only hint I found from the Openstack documentation, regarding the metrics creation:


    monasca metric-create cpu1 123.40
    monasca metric-create metric1 1234.56 --dimensions instance_id=123,service=ourservice
    monasca metric-create metric1 2222.22 --dimensions instance_id=123,service=ourservice
    monasca metric-create metric1 3333.33 --dimensions instance_id=222,service=ourservice
    monasca metric-create metric1 4444.44 --dimensions instance_id=222 --value-meta rc=404

What's the meaning of the value after "metric1"? and what about dimensions and service? I'd like to understand in full detail about this. Thanks in advance for any help.

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