disk-image-create: use mounted file system

asked 2020-01-13 05:27:04 -0500


I am using disk-image-create with AWS codebuild. The build fails for disk space, hence AWS elastic file system is attached to the codebuild. The EFS is available at /efs when the build runs.

However the disk-image-create process uses /tmp itself for intermediate processing. In turn it fails to copy a large file to /data.

I expect disk-image-create to use the /efs path throughout its processing. The source code is copied to /efs and build process is running from the same.

I have changed the disk image target location as follows

  • local_loop:

    name: image0

    directory: /efs/ambientos/images

Also set the following variables

export DIB_TARGET_ROOT=/efs/ambientos/images

export DIB_TMP_HOOKS_PATH=/efs/tmp

Any pointers to fix the build failure due to intermediate disk space issue are appreciated.

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