Use mounted file system for disk-image-create [closed]

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We are trying to use disk-image-create in AWS codebuild. The codebuild has mounted AWS elastic file system on /efs. We want to use the /efs for the build since the build process runs out of disk space on /. I have updated the DIB block device config to use the /efs for final image build as follows

  • local_loop:

    name: image0

    directory: /efs/images

Also set the following variables as a part of try-outs to use /efs/tmp for the temporary processing

export DIB_TARGET_ROOT=/efs/images

export DIB_TMP_HOOKS_PATH=/efs/tmp

Still the install.d files get executed under /tmp (and NOT /efs/tmp as I expected). The execution fails to copy some large files to /data directory. The source code is copied to /efs and build runs from /efs.

Any pointers to make the disk-image-create use /efs throughout its processing will be appreciated.

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