Not able to take full volume backup, if there is a chain of backups exists

asked 2020-01-11 02:02:11 -0600

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There is a scenario where I want to remove dependencies from older backups of one of the volume, but when I try to take full backup using: openstack volume backup create --force VOLUME(without giving the incremental flag), It still shows as incremental backup as there is a chain of backups already exists which I want to break by creating a full backup. Hence I am unable to delete older backups. What am I doing wrong here, how do I take a full when I have an existing full backup and few incremental backups of a volume.

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answered 2020-01-13 07:31:29 -0600

Hello shrey_chauhan,

  1. Which version of OpenStack are you using?
  2. Are you using Ceph as backend ?

I'm asking this because creating full backups after incremental backups is allow after Stein release (Ceph backend).

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Are you serious its not there before Stein release, but I went through queens docs of backup/restore nothing like this is mentioned over there that full backup cant be taken after incremental backup for ceph backend I am using queens version of openstack and yes ceph backend

shrey_chauhan gravatar imageshrey_chauhan ( 2020-01-14 07:59:13 -0600 )edit

Is there any alternative for this, I want to keep 15 days of backup of a volume and delete older, but because of this constraint I am not able to. Can we remove/update any database entry somehow to break the dependency

shrey_chauhan gravatar imageshrey_chauhan ( 2020-01-14 08:02:21 -0600 )edit (

enriquetaso gravatar imageenriquetaso ( 2020-01-16 09:32:20 -0600 )edit

answered 2020-01-13 05:14:57 -0600

updated 2020-01-13 05:15:48 -0600

If you have taken full backup with multiple incremental backups, you can only delete the latest one

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