Recreate API endpoints for VIP ?

asked 2020-01-07 02:16:31 -0600

MOhammad Jalili gravatar image

updated 2020-01-07 03:42:26 -0600


I trying to implement HA in my Openstack environment using HAProxy and Keepalied. What I have done so far is:

  1. Install all Openstack services on 3 controller nodes
  2. Install and Configured Galera Cluster for Mysql HA on 3 controller nodes
  3. Configured RabbitMQ Cluster
  4. Configure Memcached on 3 controller nodes
  5. Install and configured HAProxy on 2 separate noded
  6. Install and configured Keepalived for VIP
  7. Change Openstack services configs and set for connect to VIP

My first question is did I do these steps right ? And my second question is Do I have to recreate service API endpoint for VIP or not ? because now the endpoint are set to only first controller.

Regards, Mohammad.

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