Ceph acceleration on hardware

asked 2019-12-10 07:33:46 -0500

Bobby gravatar image

My question is regarding Ceph. Is there any open-source or research work regarding Ceph acceleration on hardware accelerators like FPGAs and CGRAs? Because I am interested to understand the compute intensive (processor intensive) workloads of Ceph and in particular Ceph RBD protocol (block-storage). The RBD protocol is also fully supported within Linux via a mainline kernel driver namely RBD driver. I have read about MSI (Minnesota Software Institute) and Softiron. AFAIK, this is not an open-source.

This compels me to think, what could possibly be "offloaded" to a hardware accelerator like FPGA for Ceph RBD (block-storage) acceleration? Please help me understand.

Thanks in advance for tips/hints/help....

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