Unable to set type to export using glance task-create

asked 2019-12-10 04:08:15 -0600

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I am doing a program that enables users to upload and download image via our web service, and I found that glance has an API Task-Create, which creates an async task to do uploading/downloading in the background, this is what I was looking for, so I did some test on this feature.

According to this https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Glance-tasks-export#.22Export.22 (docs), I tried the command listed below:

glance task-create --type export --input '{"export_uuid": "image_id","export_to":"my_url","export_format": "raw"}'

But I got a weird error message:

Unable to set 'type' to 'export'

When I change the type to import, and the corresponding schema(import_from_format, import_from......), it just worked like a charm, I mean there is something wrong with the type export, what am I missing?

I would appreciate any ideas.

nova-manage --version: 16.1.4
glance --version: 2.8.0

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