RDO: Packstack (fedora) neutron local flat typedrives

asked 2014-02-26 03:38:10 -0600

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updated 2014-02-26 03:58:27 -0600

with neutron Packstack can accept the following net type drives : flat, local, gre, vlan (although the havana_openstack.cfg sites only : local,gre, vlan in fileds like : CONFIG_NEUTRON_OVS_TENANT_NETWORK_TYPE)

Can someone tell the diff bertween local and flat ?

I tried local but the instances provisioned get IPs (that do not show internally in the VM) but cannot be pinged from the host (allinone omode ) . Will flat fix that ?

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answered 2014-03-12 16:07:21 -0600

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There's a brief description of the differences at http://developer.rackspace.com/blog/n...

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