Recommendations for storage partitioning

asked 2019-11-24 15:34:20 -0500

plmatev gravatar image

Hi Experts,

I'm new to Openstack and I'm planning to install it as "all-in-one" following manual installation procedures on CentOS 8. My workstation have 1x512GB SSD and 1x1TB HDD. My question is how to partition the HDD in regards to Cinder volumes, Nova instances and Glance images. AFAIK, all of these are stored under /var/lib/xxx. So is it enough and will that be OK if I mount /var/lib/ to HDD and give it for ex. 700GB or it will be better to mount all of them separately - for ex. /var/lib/glance - 100G, /var/lib/nova - 300G, etc. Some recommendations will be really helpful as I wasn't able to find much info.

Currently SSD is holding "/" + some other things and HDD - my home dir and /var (with size of 30G)

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