Using a Packstack installed Openstack to install Kubernetes

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I've followed several tutorials and drawn a blank trying to get a Kubernetes Cluster up and running. I'd like some specific advice around my installation method or advice detailing whether or not an installation of a recent version of K8S is achievable at all using Packstack.

I've managed to install Openstack Stein, created an OVS bridge and can boot instances via Openstack CLI, UI and Heat. Moving onto K8S I have followed the following tutorial: (easily-deploy-a-kubernetes-cluster-on-openstack)

Magnum creates the nodes but the master does not start its services properly. After a lot of investigation & reading around I worked out the following:

  1. kubernetes-apiserver does not start up (--proxy-client-cert-file is passed as an argument and is not recognised)
  2. The installed version of kubernetes.apiserver is strangely 1.5.3
  3. I changed kube_tag to 1.16.0, relaunched the cluster and but still ended up with version 1.5.3
  4. I realised that Heat uses cloud-init, so I checked the cloud-init service log inside the master.
  5. After some investigation, I ran the failing 'atomic install' command and eventually found that the docker images at are missing, so 'atomic install' was not installing kubernetes-apiserver at all.
  6. I strongly suspect that 1.5.3 is bundled inside my fedora atomic cloud image. This version was executed instead of my chosen version 1.16.0 so I'm guessing that 1.5.3 does not support --proxy-client-cert-file
  7. Noted that my version of Magnum is 8.x (client is 2.x) and suspect that my heat templates are out of date.
    1. I have also tried to deploy k8s with a CoreOS image. The heat template engine complains that 'octavia_controller_tag' is not a parameter. I'm currently wading through the python code to try to work out how to stop this parameter from being passed.

If anybody has followed this and understands the issue, please could you answer:

  1. Which version of Magnum and which cloud image do I need ?
  2. If I need to, how can I update my version of Magnum installed by Packstack Stein?
  3. Could I simply download up-to-date Heat templates? Which cloud image would I need?

Lastly, where the heck can I find documentation that pulls all of this together?

Thank you for reading this far and hoping you can help me.


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answered 2019-11-25 04:45:56 -0600

k8s 1.16.X support Podman

Kubernetes version 1.16.x for which users should use Podman

You can try luck with 1.14 version

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