Public Network for Dummies Quest

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I am trying my first hand at building an OpenStack instance for a POC, we want to see how it handles k8s. I have most everything running, but in creating my first instance, (that needs to be reached from the "real" network) I find I am lost on how it works. Not being a "Network Guy", the docs are over my head. I got to a good understanding of the "Network" and the "SubNet", but the "external" is confusing me. Is there a good "for dummies" walk thru of building the network components for your first instance and why? I built my OpenStack using "PackStack", and it created an external network called "Public", but it is experiencing errors because of a network security group issue. It is here I stumbled, because I dont understand how that Public network would ever get attached to the "world" because a script built the thing. Once I get the one instance running, and micro-k8s running in it and accessible, I hope to rebuild from scratch, which is where I SHOULD have started. I got to where I am using the blog: ( But for some reason they left that part out by referencing a magical "net04_ext admin_floating_net", which of course I dont have as I used PackStack.

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Can you post the commands you enter and the results you get? "experiencing errors" is too vague. Also tell us more about the security group issue.

Sorry, I am not aware of OpenStack Networking For Dummies. You need a certain level of networking skills to set up a cloud. Been there, done that.

Bernd Bausch gravatar imageBernd Bausch ( 2019-11-20 23:42:25 -0600 )edit