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failed create glance image / openstack stein

asked 2019-11-17 16:14:26 -0500

hsmida gravatar image

glance image-create --name "cirros" --file cirros-0.4.0-x86_64-disk.img --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare --public usage: glance [--version] [-d] [-v] [--get-schema] [-f] [--os-image-url OS_IMAGE_URL] [--os-image-api-version OS_IMAGE_API_VERSION] [--profile HMAC_KEY] [--os-region-name OS_REGION_NAME] [--os-auth-token OS_AUTH_TOKEN] [--os-service-type OS_SERVICE_TYPE] [--os-endpoint-type OS_ENDPOINT_TYPE] [--insecure] [--os-cacert <ca-certificate>] [--os-cert <certificate>] [--os-key <key>] [--timeout <seconds>] [--collect-timing] [--os-auth-type <name>] [--os-auth-url OS_AUTH_URL] [--os-system-scope OS_SYSTEM_SCOPE] [--os-domain-id OS_DOMAIN_ID] [--os-domain-name OS_DOMAIN_NAME] [--os-project-id OS_PROJECT_ID] [--os-project-name OS_PROJECT_NAME] [--os-project-domain-id OS_PROJECT_DOMAIN_ID] [--os-project-domain-name OS_PROJECT_DOMAIN_NAME] [--os-trust-id OS_TRUST_ID] [--os-default-domain-id OS_DEFAULT_DOMAIN_ID] [--os-default-domain-name OS_DEFAULT_DOMAIN_NAME] [--os-user-id OS_USER_ID] [--os-username OS_USERNAME] [--os-user-domain-id OS_USER_DOMAIN_ID] [--os-user-domain-name OS_USER_DOMAIN_NAME] [--os-password OS_PASSWORD] <subcommand> ... glance: error: unrecognized arguments: --public

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answered 2019-11-17 22:05:29 -0500

The error message is clear, isn't it? There is no option --public. Try --visibility public.

You can use glance help or the documentation. You can also use the openstack client, which does have an option --public.

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