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Controlling physical switch ports with Neutron?

asked 2014-02-25 18:59:05 -0500

mlovell gravatar image

tl;dr Has anyone managed physical switch ports with Neutron? Anyone have an idea if it could easily by done?

I have been running an OpenStack environment at my place of work for about a year. It has been well received as well. Unfortunately, not everything employees do can be done with virtual machines and so we have a large number of physical servers allocated to different teams and projects. Its not uncommon that a request is made to change the network configuration for these physical servers as employees work on different projects. It would be very useful if the employees could make API requests to make these changes themselves. It seems that Neutron gets very close in that there are logical switch ports that are assigned to networks and projects but still seems very VM-centric. Has anyone tried to manage access ports on physical switches using Neutron? All I really need at the moment is the ability to change the VLAN a physical port is in through an API call and I would prefer not to do a lot of coding for it. Any thoughts or suggestions?

p.s. Please don't try to ask why VMs don't work or convince me that everything fits in them. I've tried to convince others and it hasn't work. Unfortunately, I still need to meet the requests of others. Also, my network gear is low end switches from a couple green colored switch vendors.

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answered 2014-03-01 02:31:22 -0500

Li Ma gravatar image

Neutron ML2 mechanism driver provides the ability to control both physical switches and virtual switches. You can write your own mechanism driver if you want.

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