Swift Increase part_power failed on SAIO scenario

asked 2019-10-30 04:48:30 -0600

Hi. I installed swift-all-in-one (SAIO) following https://docs.openstack.org/swift/latest/development_saio.html# (this guid)

Then I followed https://docs.openstack.org/swift/latest/ring_partpower.html (this guide), to increase my part_power by 1. But after doing all steps, my old (before increasing) objects became unavailable!

I did all the following on my SAIO virtual machine:

mostafa@saio:/etc/swift$ swift-ring-builder object.builder prepare_increase_partition_power mostafa@saio:/etc/swift$ swift-ring-builder object.builder write_ring

Waiting >15 seconds

mostafa@saio:/etc/swift$ swift-object-relinker --devices /srv/1/node/ relink


Relinking files for policy gold under /srv/1/node Relinking files for policy silver under /srv/1/node Relinked 0 diskfiles (0 errors)

(I set --device regarding /etc/swift/object-server/1.conf content)

and same for /srv/{2,3,4}/node/

mostafa@saio:/etc/swift$ swift-ring-builder object.builder increase_partition_power mostafa@saio:/etc/swift$ swift-ring-builder object.builder write_ring

Now, old objects became unavailable!

mostafa@saio:/etc/swift$ swift-object-relinker --devices /srv/1/node/ cleanup


Cleaning up files for policy gold under /srv/1/node Cleaned up 0 diskfiles (0 errors)

mostafa@saio:/etc/swift$ swift-ring-builder object-2.builder finish_increase_partition_power mostafa@saio:/etc/swift$ swift-ring-builder object-2.builder write_ring

Is the output of relink and cleanup as it should be?

Any help is appreciated

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