tripleo queens ovn howto

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Hi guys,
I was really hoping someone might confirm I am going about deploying OVN/HA the correct way.

(At this stage I m thinking 'baby steps' so not trying DVR yet.)

I also have modified (isolated network) nic configs that I have been using for a while with non ovn (ha/ceph) deploys..

Does this approach sound ok ?

Added br-ex and an External Network/Vlan interface to the compute nic config.

Defined the following port in ~/rendered/environments/network-isolation.yaml

OS::TripleO::Compute::Ports::ExternalPort: ../network/ports/external.yaml

Updated ~/rendered/environments/ips-from-pool-all.yaml with

OS::TripleO::Compute::Ports::ExternalPort: ../network/ports/external_from_pool.yaml

Added External network to compute role in ~/rendered/roles_data.yaml

- name: Compute
  description: |
    Basic Compute Node role
  CountDefault: 1
    - InternalApi
    - Tenant
    - Storage
    - External
  HostnameFormatDefault: '%stackname%-novacompute-%index%'

I'm deploying with --roles-file ~/templates/roles_data.yaml and the following answer file

stack@undercloud ~]$ cat ~/templates/answers/3-controller-ovn.yaml
templates: /home/stack/rendered
  - rendered/environments/network-isolation.yaml
  - rendered/environments/network-environment.yaml
  - rendered/environments/net-single-nic-with-vlans.yaml
  - rendered/environments/ips-from-pool-all.yaml
  - rendered/environments/ssl/inject-trust-anchor.yaml
  - rendered/environments/docker-ha.yaml
  - rendered/environments/services-docker/neutron-ovn-ha.yaml
  - templates/firstboot/enable_first_boot.yaml
  - templates/fixed-ips.yaml
  - templates/node-info.yaml
  - overcloud_images_environment.yaml
  - ovn_overcloud_images_environment.yaml

My deployments are failing and I was really hoping to find out if I'm going about this the correct way.

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