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Hello Everyone, I am configuring a compute node on different VM. I am done with configuring the internal and external network as well as changing the hostname to compute1. But i am stuck at synchronizing it with the Controller Node * which i have set-up on other VM. I am able to install *NTP on compute node but it says that

On additional nodes other than controller node, it is advised that you configure the other nodes to synchronize their time from the controller node rather than from outside of your LAN. To do so, install the ntp daemon as above, then edit /etc/ntp.conf and change the server directive to use the controller node as internet time source.

Can anyone please help me out with this. I am using Oracle Virtual Box to run VM. As this is my project work that i am doing in my academics.

Thanx in advance.

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Please edit the other question adding more details, don't ask multiple questions on the same subject.

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