not working. Is there an alternative?

asked 2019-10-27 16:08:27 -0600

hi. Just started digging around and checking Open stack out. Was looking for a free sandbox, i only found this platform9 thing which doesn't even have a horizon dashboard, at least i thing it doesn't. I found out about, but it seems its not working. Triet to setup devstack on ubuntu VM managed by vagrant, but such a 14 year old like me doesn't have this powerful hardware, only MacBook air from early 2015, and a del precision M2400, which, well, aren't that powerful. Is there something like stil there? Or did anything like that related to OpenStack just vanished. I am stil trying to setup devstack on that vagrant vm on my mac, because its possible. Its not like my hardware won't handle the thing, its just that i would want to mess around in cloud and stuff.

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answered 2019-10-27 19:24:31 -0600

I run OpenStack in virtual machines on a Thinkpad X220, probably dated 2012 or so. In other words, age is not a problem. RAM is: My laptop has 16GB. An 8GB virtual machine should be sufficient for a basic OpenStack installation with Devstack or Packstack. A fast disk or SSD also helps.

Trystack has been offline for years. There might be other cloud providers apart from Platform9 that give you a free OpenStack trial; you need to shop around. You could also learn how to use the command line; it's not that hard and provides more insight.

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