Keystone issues during deployement with Packstack

asked 2019-10-22 03:31:16 -0500

jehutyy gravatar image

I'm trying to deploy an openstack proof of concept following instructions on the rdo Packstack page. I'm installing Stein openstack release on a Centos 7.7 vm.

I get the following error :

ERROR : Error appeared during Puppet run:
Error: Puppet::Type::Keystone_user::ProviderOpenstack: Could not find domain with name [Default]

I also get this warning just before the previous one that, I guess, could lead to the mentionned error :

Warning: Puppet::Type::Keystone_tenant::ProviderOpenstack: Support for a resource without the domain set is deprecated in Liberty cycle. It will be dropped in the M-cycle. Currently using 'Default' as default domain name while the default domain id is 'absent'.

Obviously as it is pretty much the keystone bootstrap it leads to all kind of failure in glance, cinder etc.

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