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Parameter CONFIG_NEUTRON_L2_AGENT: You have choosen OVN neutron backend. Note that this backend does not support LBaaS, VPNaaS or FWaaS services. Geneve will be used as encapsulation method for tenant networks

asked 2019-10-15 00:38:00 -0500

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Hi there I need to deploy OpenStack one controller and one compute node after the pack stack installation is complete the above alert message is came

I am new to Openstack can anyone help me with that why that alert came

Thanks in advance

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answered 2019-10-15 01:20:24 -0500

updated 2019-10-15 01:24:47 -0500

Neutron is the OpenStack component that manages virtual networks. There are many ways of mapping virtual networks to your physical infrastructure. Since OpenStack Stein, Packstack uses OVN as the so-called mechanism driver by default. This is the method by which instances are attached to the network. This driver does not support the Neutron Load Balancer, VPN and Firewall as a Service features.

Furthermore, Packstack's default type driver, which ensures that virtual networks are separated from each other, us Geneve.

In principle, this should only be a problem if you plan to deploy LBaaS, VPNaaS or FWaaS. However, this new setup caused me other headaches, which I fixed by configuring the old Openvswitch mechanism driver and VXLAN type driver.

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