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Ubuntu_Cinder_Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes

asked 2019-10-09 03:56:26 -0500

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Hi all

I am trying to install Cinder on the Controller node. When I've tried to populate the Cinder database, the following error is shown:

root@controller1:/etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d# su -s /bin/sh -c "cinder-manage db sync" cinder the ouput with error is attached to the following link:

The error is: "*pymysql.err.InternalError: (1071, 'Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes') 2019-10-09 03:39:56.899 12735 ERROR oslo_db.sqlalchemy.exc_filters *

Here are my Openstack DB configuration file:

root@controller1:/etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d# cat 99-openstack.cnf [mysqld] bind-address = default-storage-engine = innodb innodb_file_per_table = on max_connections = 4096 collation-server = utf8_general_ci character-set-server = utf8

root@controller1:/etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d# lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS Release: 18.04 Codename: bionic

root@controller1:/etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d# apt show cinder-api Package: cinder-api Version: 2:14.0.0-0ubuntu1~cloud0

any help of feedback is much appreciated.

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answered 2019-10-12 10:08:10 -0500

Behzad_1992 gravatar image


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