Instance ping is not working in single node openstack setup

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Hello Expert, It is a single node setup. Ping is not working from openstack host on floating ip of instance. 1. Following setting is used for single node, router is connected directly to instance.

  1. Cloud host to router ping is not working fine. provider network is connected to external network and it was also defined as gateway in router but still QG interface is not showing in name space.

    b929a2f6-8645-4e99-b8ed-d48fc9160f2c Manager "ptcp:6640:" is_connected: true Bridge br-ex Port "ens33" Interface "ens33" Port br-ex Interface br-ex type: internal Bridge br-int Controller "tcp:" fail_mode: secure Port int-br-ex Interface int-br-ex type: patch options: {peer=phy-br-ex} Port br-int Interface br-int type: internal Port "tap83fec2eb-f7" tag: 1 Interface "tap83fec2eb-f7" type: internal Port patch-tun Interface patch-tun type: patch options: {peer=patch-int} Port "qr-e362f212-b5" tag: 1 Interface "qr-e362f212-b5" type: internal Port "qvo3ab28ce0-a5" tag: 1 Interface "qvo3ab28ce0-a5" Bridge br-tun Controller "tcp:" fail_mode: secure Port patch-int Interface patch-int type: patch options: {peer=patch-tun} Port br-tun Interface br-tun type: internal ovs_version: "2.5.0"

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Are IPs from floating ip range reachable from host? E.g. usually in devstack installation one IP from same subnet as used for floating IPs is configured on br-ex device. That way this FIPs network is reachable from host. How it is in Your case?

slaweq gravatar imageslaweq ( 2019-10-09 01:11:41 -0500 )edit