Is it possible to deny access to the dashboard (and all its child panels) via direct links? And how is this best done?

asked 2019-10-04 14:53:40 -0600

veezex gravatar image

I'm trying to restrict the user access to the dashboard I developed by overloading the allow method in my dashboard class.

Focusing on the comment on the allow function: Checks for role based access for this dashboard. Checks for access to any panels in the dashboard and of the dashboard itself. This method should be overridden to return the result of any policy checks required for the user to access this dashboard when more complex checks are required.

I assume that returning false in this function I will remove the dashboard and all its child panels from the menu and they will become inaccessible by direct links. But in reality the dashboard (and all its child panels) is removed only from the menu and remains accessible via direct links.

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