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asked 2019-10-04 06:37:34 -0600

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I want to change the filter order in the horizon instances tab. by default the first filter that appears is "Instance ID", I would like to put as default "Instance Name". I don't know if it's possible to change this with the "customization" that horizon already has.

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answered 2019-10-05 10:14:01 -0600

updated 2019-10-05 10:14:28 -0600

You can handle the formatting of the HTML template that handles the Horizon table that displays the table. I guess the line you are looking for is _detail_overview.html This piece of code indicates the thing you are trying to achieve.

Pasting sample of code here for future references in case the link is changed/broken

    <div class="detail">
      <dl class="dl-horizontal">
          <dt>{% trans "Name" %}</dt>
          <dd data-display="{{| }}" class="word-wrap">{{ }}</dd>
          <dt>{% trans "ID" %}</dt>
          <dd>{{ }}</dd>

I hope that helps !!

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Thank you, It helps me a lot

Ana_torres gravatar imageAna_torres ( 2019-10-07 04:24:02 -0600 )edit

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