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cinder.conf nearly empty

asked 2019-10-02 10:16:12 -0500

Daryl gravatar image

I'm doing my first install of Cinder, using Stein. After the step

sudo apt install cinder-api cinder-scheduler

the content of my /etc/cinder/cinder.conf file, in its entirety, is

$ sudo cat /etc/cinder/cinder.conf
rootwrap_config = /etc/cinder/rootwrap.conf
api_paste_confg = /etc/cinder/api-paste.ini
iscsi_helper = tgtadm
volume_name_template = volume-%s
volume_group = cinder-volumes
verbose = True
auth_strategy = keystone
state_path = /var/lib/cinder
lock_path = /var/lock/cinder
volumes_dir = /var/lib/cinder/volumes
enabled_backends = lvm

connection = sqlite:////var/lib/cinder/cinder.sqlite

I'm pretty sure that's not what I want to start with. Where can I get a proper initial cinder.conf for Stein?

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answered 2019-10-02 14:00:43 -0500

Daryl gravatar image

It looks like a template is here: I'll see how that works out.

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