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Is it possible to generate a packstack answer file from existing install?

asked 2019-09-30 16:23:03 -0500

awalters gravatar image

updated 2019-09-30 16:59:22 -0500

Title pretty much has the question. I have an existing Packstack install, which started with an answer file, and I've then made modifications afterwards. Is it possible to go backwards and generate a new answer file that would reflect the settings in the existing install? i.e. say I wanted to set up a second all-in-one install identical to the first, for testing. Or as another example, the best way to compare two different installs and diff the settings.

If not, which is looking to be the case - any thoughts on the best way to do something like this? Reproduce an existing environment or comparing two environments? I know there are conf files that could be moved/diff'd, but I'm not sure how to ensure I have all of the correct/appropriate ones, etc...

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answered 2019-09-30 16:54:02 -0500

updated 2019-09-30 16:57:24 -0500

I am afraid the answer is no. What you can do is copy all configuration files to the second deployment, but you would have to adapt machine-specific information like hostnames, IP addresses and NIC names.

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I guess I can just follow up the backup/recovery guide for getting the things I'd need for transfer, so that's a start. Not the process I was looking for, but what can you do. Thanks!

awalters gravatar imageawalters ( 2019-09-30 17:04:34 -0500 )edit

There is a slide show and video entitled "moving a running openstack cloud to a new datacenter". I have not seen it, but judging from the title, it seems to be exactly what you need.

Bernd Bausch gravatar imageBernd Bausch ( 2019-09-30 19:21:16 -0500 )edit

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