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I would like to add a new zone with a few hard disks to the existing OpenStack Swift cluster. Can I copy /etc/swift/*.builder files on the production swift proxy host to a host (I call it a dev machine) that is not part of the OpenStack cluster, and make changes on the dev machine by running the following commands?

swing-ring-builder account.builder add ....

swift-ring-builder account.builder rebalance

This will generate the corresponding account.ring.gz file. After that, I copy the new account.builder and account.ring.gz files from the dev machine to each of the OpenStack Swift Proxy nodes, and each of openstack swift storage nodes

The reason I am doing this is that I don't want to mess up the production account.builder and account.ring.gz files. If I make some mistakes on the dev machine, I can delete all of these and start again.



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answered 2014-02-24 19:13:51 -0600

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Yes, that'll work. In fact, the only purpose of the builder files is to produce the ring.gz files, so you don't need to have the builders on the proxy machines at all.

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