compute host showing twice with different hostname

asked 2019-09-19 16:40:28 -0500

toddleish gravatar image

Hello, I have a small OpenStack cluster with 6 compute nodes. One of the nodes, node 3, is showing in Horizon's Compute Host list twice -- Once as vmc-03-vm and once as vmc-03-man. One shows the State as UP and vmc-03-man shows the state as DOWN. On the Hypervisor list, only vmc-03-man is listed. In the Host Aggregates list, they are both listed, and vmc-03-man shows (Services Down).

I only noticed this because I could see in the Hypervisor list that all of the other compute hosts have a large number of instances running on them, while this one host has ZERO instances running on it.

The physical hosts have multiple network cards and related hostnames, so something must have gotten mixed up when I installed... How can I fix this compute host so it will be properly recognized by openstack -- with only one hostname?

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