Which openstack version is supported to use the openvswitch v2.9.2?

asked 2019-09-18 08:04:43 -0500

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Hi All, As a project requirement , i have to use openvswitch v2.9.2 .

My scenario: two node setup: host1(controller+network), host2(compute)

When i am installing the nova service , neutron service it automatically installing openvswitch v2.11 as a dependancy along with others like libopenvswitch ,python-openvswitch .

With my project changes i have created the rpm of the v2.9.2 and started running as a service and later on when i install above mentioned services its removing v2.9.2 ovs and installing latest v2.11 ovs.

So how do i need to proceed to make use of v2.9.2? Do i need to change to some older openstack version ? Which openstack version will be supported to use ovs 2.9.2 ?

Please help me on this..working on this issue since 2 weeks but i didn't found the alternative.

Thanks, Vill.

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There is an old spec, which was implemented some five years ago, for not checking Openvswitch versions anymore. This means that Neutron doesn't know which version is required.

Bernd Bausch gravatar imageBernd Bausch ( 2019-09-18 10:23:19 -0500 )edit

Strictly speaking, therefore, it is not Neutron but the Neutron package on your OS (RHEL, Centos, OpenSUSE?) that automatically installs version 2.11 of openvswitch. i suggest you configure your package management system not to do that, install version 2.9.2 and try it out.

Bernd Bausch gravatar imageBernd Bausch ( 2019-09-18 10:26:21 -0500 )edit

Thanks for your information. i have tried checking into the /etc/yum folder . i got the repo Centos-Openstack-Stein . can u please help understanding what should i change so as the yum will look for ovs v2.9.2 for example when i will do yum install openstack-nova-api

vill gravatar imagevill ( 2019-09-19 05:22:42 -0500 )edit

Package Arch Version Repository Size= Installing: openstack-nova-compute noarch 1:19.0.2-1.el7 centos-openstack-stein 7.4 k Dependancies : openvswitch x86_64 1:2.11.0-4.el7 centos-openstack-stein 1.9 M

vill gravatar imagevill ( 2019-09-19 05:32:27 -0500 )edit

It seems you can configure yum to exclude packages, though I have never tried it. A search for yum excludeyields a few promising web pages such as https://www.tecmint.com/yum-lock-disa....

Bernd Bausch gravatar imageBernd Bausch ( 2019-09-19 18:48:27 -0500 )edit