"hpet" support - High Precision Event Timer spec

asked 2019-09-13 18:27:06 -0600

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hi all, i have a few questions regarding the hpet spec here:

from what I gather from that page the hpet can now be enabled for hypervisor_type=qemu instances. but I can't tell if before this that it could already be enabled for the hypervisor_type=kvm instances. or if it is not supported for kvm instances yet

Also, is this HPET a pci passthrough device or emulated? It reads that it is emulated. Is there a pci passthrough HPET available on openstack?

I have this extra spec set on a Stein environment and I have been trying it out, and I don't see "timer name='hpet' present='yes'" in the libvirt XML unless the hypervisor_type=kvm is set! i am confused.

I am assuming hypervisor_type=kvm/qemu is determined from /etc/nova/nova.conf:

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in the hpet spec linked to in the question what config setting is it referring to when it says "would only be guaranteed to be valid in combination with hypervisor_type=qemu"?

jamesopst gravatar imagejamesopst ( 2019-09-19 16:51:13 -0600 )edit