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Why we can only create one nove-compute per machine ?

asked 2014-02-23 12:54:01 -0500

anonymous user


updated 2014-02-23 12:55:39 -0500

I noticed that a global variable _launcher in ( prevents us from creating multiple same services per machine.

However, if we hacked the code the modify this, we can create multiple same services per machine. Are there any concerns here to prevent us doing so? Or in other word, what unexpected event will happen if we change that ? Thank you in advance.

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What is your case? where are you going to run multiply nova-computes per host?

boris-42 gravatar imageboris-42 ( 2014-02-23 13:37:06 -0500 )edit

I want to run multiple hypovisors per machine for testing purpose with minimum hardware cost. The question is I don't know what will go wrong if I hack the code.

Lamian3 gravatar imageLamian3 ( 2014-02-23 13:50:42 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-02-23 14:42:49 -0500

boris-42 gravatar image

As we are speaking about benchmarking & testing at scale OpenStack with minimum resources. You will be probably interested in Rally :

Currently one of our task is to finish Deploying OpenStack in LXC containers at scale: ( (it should already work on ubuntu 13)

So it will allow you to get OpenStack clouds at scale (e.g. 128 compute nodes for just about 30mins) Every compute node requires about 200 MB RAM.

If you are able to help with review & testing that patch, you may speed up process=)

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