power state = no state and cannot attach volume to instance

asked 2019-08-26 04:06:08 -0600

tonyp12 gravatar image

Unsure what occurred to lead to this condition but at the moment I have the following: - An instance in shutoff state but with "power state" as NOSTATE - no volume attached to the instance

The instance was running and it was noted the instance was no longer running.

I attempted to change the power state by running :

nova reset-state --active 0f63dea0-d6fa-433d-be7f-dbaaef5423a7

But this only changed the status frmo "shutoff" to "active" so it appears that I've created another problem to solve.

I have searched and cannot locate how to reset the power state. What options do we have? Is the only option to manually edit the db? I am trying to avoid doing that if at all possible.

This is the first issue. Once this issue is resolved I think I can re-attach the volume ( fingers crossed :) ).

Looking for guidance on the power state here. Any advice appreciated

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