command: [ ./kolla-ansible ] doesnt take arguments as its written in Documentation

asked 2019-08-15 06:01:34 -0600

StyleZ gravatar image

hello, I have a been following the Quickstart guide for Kolla and I have stumbled upon an "error" Quickstart guide: (

when I enter the command:

./kolla-ansible -i ../../all-in-one bootstrap-servers

I get this error message that I have not used the command correctly

Usage: ./kolla-ansible COMMAND [options]

Options: ....... Commands: ....

I am completely new to Kolla, so I have no idea what can be wrong ... I have read that something similar has happend, when someone was trying the same using multinode, but it was fixed via creating and cofiguring docker-registry ( which is running currently on my pc, but it sounds a bit strange that something like that can make the whole command crash about arguments )

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