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Openstack queens create network [closed]

asked 2019-08-09 07:05:44 -0500

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Hello , I have deployed 7 nodes queens openstack setup ( 3 controller and 4 HCI ) and am trying to create the network now. My external network is reconfigured in eno2 interface and its an access port (with out vlan ) Can some help how can I can configure the network through horizon dashboard .Which provider network I should use ? available lists are local ,flat ,vlan.vxlan,geneve ,gre ( image attached).

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Or I should create the bridge for external interface ?

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Thank you ,Its worked for me

snowmoon gravatar imagesnowmoon ( 2019-08-10 13:12:52 -0500 )edit

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answered 2019-08-09 07:39:28 -0500


This means that, as far as OpenStack is concerned, the network to which eno2 is connected has no further structure. It's just "a cable".

Depending on the mechanism driver, you may have to add eno2 to a bridge. See

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