I want to practice OpenStack with ubuntu KVM. Why do people include Foreman? What is that i need to manage VMs and containers?

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First I thought I just need to download openstack binaries on linux and it will be a working cloud. then i realized i need a Type-1 Hypervisor, and I decided I want Linux (Ubuntu) KVM. I also want to host containers in addition to Linux and Windows VMs.

What am I not understanding? Why is Foreman needed? Does it run on top or bottom of KVM and Openstack tools? Or does it replaces them?

Kindly suggest some good document which clarifies all these doubts.

I only want to use open source and 'free to use' products (if free even for business, thats better !!)


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answered 2019-07-26 17:24:01 -0600

updated 2019-07-27 18:26:05 -0600

foreman is a baremetal provisioning and management tool. It's not a part of OpenStack, and it is not needed for OpenStack, but you could use it to set up and manage a larger number of servers on which run your OpenStack cloud.

To install an OpenStack cloud, several deployment tools are available, for example Packstack (my recommendation for a beginner), OpenStack-Ansible, Kolla-Ansible, Tripleo, Devstack. You can also install it from packages, my other recommendation.

OpenStack is an open-source project. This means free to use and to modify.

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