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HEAT template with OS::Cinder::Quota failing

asked 2019-07-24 22:34:07 -0500

Deven gravatar image


I am using the below HEAT template for Project and Quota creation in 1 template.

And marking the Cinder quota resource dependent on Project resource it still fails with below message:-

"Property error: : : Error validating value 'Dev_Test_1': The KeystoneProject (Dev_Test_1) could not be found."

Heat Template:-

heat_template_version: newton

description: HEAT template to create different roles in OpenStack

    type: OS::Cinder::Quota
    depends_on: Dev
      project: "Dev_Test_1"
      volumes: 20
      gigabytes: 200
      snapshots: 20

    type: OS::Keystone::Project
      name: Dev_Test_1
      description: "Dev 1 tenancy"
      domain: default
      enabled: True
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answered 2019-08-18 19:06:11 -0500

Deven gravatar image

This seems to be fixed as part of the Pike release.

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answered 2019-07-26 14:56:48 -0500

zaneb gravatar image

Try using:

project: {get_resource: Dev}
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I tried that unsuccessfully. The project property in Cinder quota resource is of type String. Exact error is:-

ERROR: Property error:: Value must be a String

Deven gravatar imageDeven ( 2019-07-30 22:21:07 -0500 )edit

Please raise a bug. It should allow None as a value, because that occurs during validation.

zaneb gravatar imagezaneb ( 2019-09-16 21:51:32 -0500 )edit

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