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Hi, I have a multi node setup with devstack stein where I am trying to see the ceilometer metrices through grafana and gnocchi as backend db. however following this other question how to use grafana with gnocchi I ran my stack.sh and set up other 2 compute nodes. devstack installation went fine for controller and compute nodes. but I am not able to access grafana UI using the controller_node_ip:3000 as the URL in my browser.

my local.conf file in stein devstack is as below-

enable_service ceilometer-acentral,ceilometer-collector,ceilometer-api,ceilometer-acompute

# Notification Agent
enable_service ceilometer-anotification
# Eager 30 second pipeline interval

#Enable Service grafana
enable_service gnocchi-grafana

#Enable ceilometer
enable_plugin ceilometer ${GIT_BASE}/openstack/ceilometer $USE_BRANCH

#Enable aodh
enable_plugin aodh ${GIT_BASE}/openstack/aodh $USE_BRANCH

Please let me know whether I can see compute metrices directly using grafana along with gnocchi backend as the recent version of ceilometer is not no longer using other backend dbs to store metric data?

Is there any specific configuration required other than in local.conf for grafana?

I appreciate your help and pointers on this.

best regards

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