The release date of RDO(Stein) with python3

asked 2019-07-18 04:39:38 -0600

smaruoka gravatar image

Hello RDO Manager

I would like to know the release date of RDO (Stein) with python3, because we need to evaluate cinder plugin driver under RDO (Stein) with python3 environment. I understand that RDO (Stein) with python2 was already released, but RDO (Stein) with python3 is not released yet. In addition, I am watching the following directory for the release of cent os 8 which will support python3, but there is no update for now.

[Question] 1. Please tell us whether RDO (Stein) with python3 will be released or not. 2. If 1 is yes, Please tell us the release date of RDO (Stein) with python3.

Best Regards. Shinji Maruoka.

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