How to switch to different backend db from gnocchi in ceilometer

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hi, I was trying to set up my devstack stein environement in a multi node set up with stein ceilometer. When I run with default back end as empty in local.conf, ceilometer and devstack are installed properly with gnochhi as the default backend db.

However when I mention my backend db as mongodb, the devstack installation fails with below error -

++/opt/stack/ceilometer/devstack/  _ceilometer_configure_storage_backend
++/opt/stack/ceilometer/devstack/  '[' mongo = none ']'
++/opt/stack/ceilometer/devstack/  '[' mongo = gnocchi ']'
++/opt/stack/ceilometer/devstack/  die 242 'Unable to configure unknown CEILOMETER_BACKEND mongo'
++functions-common:die:195                  local exitcode=1
[Call Trace]
[ERROR] /opt/stack/ceilometer/devstack/ Unable to configure unknown CEILOMETER_BACKEND mongo
Error on exit

We had used monogo db as our database when we used liberty version of openstack ceilometer. However now it is not allowed I think.

my controller node's local.conf has these lines to use ceilometer as a service-

#Enable controller services for ceilometer
# turn on all the ceilometer services by default (except for ipmi pollster)
# Pollsters
enable_service ceilometer-acentral,ceilometer-collector,ceilometer-api,ceilometer-acompute

# Notification Agent
enable_service ceilometer-anotification


#Enable ceilometer
enable_plugin ceilometer ${GIT_BASE}/openstack/ceilometer $USE_BRANCH
#Enable aodh
enable_plugin aodh ${GIT_BASE}/openstack/aodh $USE_BRANCH

Is there any way we can still use the mongo db in ceilometer with respect to our older legacy deployment done with liberty release?

Thank you for your replies and suggestions.

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answered 2019-07-17 09:43:08 -0600

According to, MongoDB is not supported at Stein. Perhaps there is a way to publish the data to UDP or HTTP and translate it to the MongoDB API?

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